The founding group members include Anna Ross PhD, a senior teaching fellow in health at the University of Edinburgh and Dr Jake Hawthorn, a specialty doctor in addictions psychiatry in NHS Lothian. We also have support in setting up from Fiona Gilbertson of Recovering Justice, who will be organising, facilitating and running the event, Dr Christoph Zwolan, a counselling psychologist, and Carmen Blaque, convener of the University of Glasgow Psychedelic Society.

As a group we are interested in the therapeutic potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy in treating a range of psychological difficulties including addiction and other trauma-related problems, and we hope to evidence that they have a significant role to play in Scotland’s drug and mental health crises. We have links with Drug Science – an independent UK scientific body founded in 2009 by Professor Nutt to research and publish evidence on drug harms and benefits – who will offer support and oversight in setting up clinical research.