This project looks to investigate the role psychedelics played in the Celtic and communities spanning from Scotland to Spain. Given that many, if not all, indigenous populations that have not had contact with monotheistic religions retained their use of both psychedelic medicines/plants and altered states of consciousness, it is not unreasonable to hypothesise that Celtic, and in particular the Druidic and wise women traditions used them too.  Indeed, there is evidence emerging in different disciplines about the role psychoactive plants played in ritual and pleasure in the ancient times. Areas of investigation include:

  • The link between ancient Celtic Druidic culture and psychoactive induced altered states
  • The link between LGBTQI+ and the witch/wisewoman/man tradition in Scotland
  • Whether botanical records can show which psychoactive plants were being used
  • Whether herbalists in Scotland know about psychoactive plants that may have been used
  • What was the ‘witches ointment’ mentioned in Scottish witch trials? This was often used by midwives, and it is speculated it gave them a insight into the spirit world.
  • What can Celtic Christianity show us about the use of psychoactive plants in Scotland (images, old books etc.)