Anna Ross is specialist in drug policy stakeholder engagement, with her PhD focusing on the participation of stakeholders in the development of drug policy in Scotland. She is currently a Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Health at the University of Edinburgh, and an Honorary Research Assistant for Drug Science. Anna completed her graduate studies in Law at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a Masters in Alcohol and Drugs Studies, and a PhD in Sociology at the University of Edinburgh. She has worked for the Scottish Government on developing safeguarding protocol for charities, and the UK Government as Special Advisor to the Scottish Affairs Committees Inquiry into Problem Drug Use in Scotland. In addition, she has been on a range of advisory committees in Scotland, set up the Scottish Drug Policy Conversations: a multi-stakeholder deliberative group exploring drug policy issues in Scotland, is co-founder of the Scottish Psychedelic Research Group, and a board member of the British Psychedelic Association

Anna Ross has over 20 years experiences of practitioner work with substance use, and identifies as a lived and living experienced researcher. She is passionate about human rights based approaches to drug regulation, and developing research around cannabis and psychedelic use for health and wellbeing.