The Scottish Psychedelic Research Group meets every month to discuss psychedelic research. Meetings are held virtually on the last Friday of every month at 10:30am-12:30pm. To register, please send your details via the contact form here with a brief description of your background and interests, and we will be in touch.


Our research group are hopeful that Scotland can become leaders in the field of psychedelic research by creating a platform to enable connections amongst those interested in areas of psychedelic research, drug policy and the wider psychedelic community. As a group we aim to break down the stigma and censorship around psychedelics, to ensure psychedelic research can be safely integrated into Scottish public health models.
We also hope to encourage discussion around the current barriers to accessing psychedelic medicine, associated with the Schedule 1 status of these compounds.


● To encourage the formation of psychedelic research groups in areas such as mental health research, addictions research, psychedelic retreats and integration and sociological and historical research
● Continue the discussion around psychedelic legislation and drug policy
● Destigmatise the use of psychedelic substances and encourage an evidence based approach to drug policy and research