On the 14th October 2022 we held a full day workshop with members of SPRG to develop our vision statement and ethical principles. We held it in the Golden Lion hotel in Stirling, in order to place us centrally and make it easier for a wider range of communities to be involved. It was a wonderful day, with sacred space being help by our board member Joe and his partner Skye, as well as others in the group. We set the intentions of the group, meditated, did a cacao heart meditation to start the ethical principles document, and fully immersed ourselves in this new way of working that involves both professional structures, and sacred spaces.  

The main outcome of the event was the creation of a tri-focus for SPRG: community building, education and research, and policy development. Underpinning and encompassing this focus are the ethical principles guiding us including respect for individual autonomy, equity and justice, and peer support.  

We are working on the outcome document and will update here when it is ready. In the meantime, enjoy the visual notes below.